Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Heeey and Welcome to LUNA Dating :D
if you are looking for a Date and maybe love in SL
Then this is  the SL Dating site for you :D
no matter if you ar A-sexual - Bi - Gay / Lesbian
- Transsexual Boy or Girl - Shemale, then we got
the profile you want so what are u waiting for???...

Plies nod this is "not" adult/Sex dating

The Category is this 3 Genders:

" Click what you are looking for to see Profiles "

LUNA Dating Profile list: Girls

LUNA Dating Profile list: Boys

LUNA Dating Profile list: Shemale,s

Flowed by the 3 Sexual-orientations.


LUNA Dating Event list: Dating Events

We have sum special Events over the year
We will inform you on this blog and in
the LUNA Dating Group, that
you get when u join us :D


? have do i get my Profile on LUNA Dating  ?

it is easy go inworld to LUNA City
LM INFO LINK: LM on Map & and TP info

and then you get the Notecard-form, from won of the LUNA Dating Info Standers
or git it from a LUNA Host :D

Then u fill out the Notecard form + Profile Photo and put them in a
folder with your full AVI name, following ( LUNA Dating ) on it and
send it to LULU (: lulu6kat :)

Then she contact you :D if u have not heard from her after 1 week please Resend it :)
SL might have lost it sorry ;)

Right now the set-up-fee is only:

  free for Girls

 26Ls for Men

The profile is for life :D or until u ask us to Remove it :)

Remove Profile fee is 20Ls

♥ Update Profile fee is 20Ls

also for applying u got to be 18 year or older in RL and u,r AV has to be 18 or older, "NO" kid AVI period.
Also you got to be at least 2 month old in SL :)

Any Harassment or rude behavior will get your Profile Deleted and get you banned from the LUNA Sim after 1 warning...
Warning there is a monthly 1Ls fee on the Group if u dont want to pay that its ok u can still see upcoming events on the Blog :) but you of course miss joining in on the
Group chat ;)

??? Wat is:

♥  a (: Heterosexual :) that is a Girl who only love Men or a Boy who only love Girls

♥  a (: Bi :) that is a girl or boy who love both Girls and Boys (  please show Respect )

♥  a (:  Gay :) that is a boy who only love Men (  please show Respect )

♥  a (:  Lesbian :) that is a Girl who only love Girls (  please show Respect )
  And no Boys that dos not mean they want to make out with you...

♥  a (: Transsexual :) that is a Girl or boy who was born with the wrong body
  (" remember just because u got a girl Body doesn't mean u are a Girl or if u got a
   Boy body doesn't mean u are a boy ")
   so just be happy its not u :) and (  please show Respect )

♥  a (: Shemale :) is a Girl hu wonts to have a Penis, who love having a Penis and
    being  a Feminine beauty :) (  please show Respect )



...♥ Come have some fun in LUNA :D ♥...


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