Saturday, June 20, 2015

LUNA Nude Beach info

Hey and welcome to the LUNA Nude Beach Blog :D
LUNA Nude Beach is in the Nice SL Harbor La Luna bay City Sim near
Hotel LUNA and the Ferris wheel :D

Yes LUNA Nude Beach is for all you nudists in
SL = Second Life the 3D Net world :D

Come meet new People and Make new Friends or Maybe find love :)
We have couples Poses and Couples Dances for all you Nudist Couples :D

We are a ( M ) Moderate sim :) sow please Read the Rules:
(: Click Hear To Se Rules :)

The LUNA Nude Beach is open all Sim Summer time :D
and in the Summer the Original SL club, CLUB H20 will be open too :D

(: More info is coming ;)

The clubs DJ stand is on a  float in the Water so you
can enjoy Dancing in the Water and on the Beach :D
We have tons of nice Summer time feel good music for you :D
or any Request you may have ;D

And when you're done being nude :) put on a Bikini/boxer-shorts and go shop or
do some of the many, many things there is to do and se in LUNA City :D
(: Click Hear To Se The LUNA MAIN Blog On More INFO :)


...♥ Come have some fun in LUNA :D ♥...


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